Craft Beer Tasting 
In addition to our passion for wine, that you can read about in our wine tasting at home blogs, we’ve also developed a passion for craft beer tasting. The craft beer tasting blogs are a bit different. Besides the fact that they are about beer, we enjoy doing them at the actual brewery. Most times we start with four or six of the tastings to share (usually 4 ounce pours) and finish with a pint of our favourite.

Folding Mountain Brewing in Hinton, Alberta
Most you know we’ve been going back and forth from Hinton, AB to Vancouver for about four months now, working at the Hinton Golf Club on their financial and daily operations. There was no craft brewery when we started but after a few months, now there is!

Folding Mountain is located about 10 minutes West of Hinton and 10 minutes before the gates to Jasper National Park. The  brewery was formed by locals Jason and Aric.

The Folding Mountain Beers
Folding Mountain has 5 craft beers on tap (there were only 4 on our first visit). They include:

  • Three Seasons Honey Wheat Ale 
  • Overlander Pale Ale 
  • Flash Flood IPA 
  • Elevation Imperial Red 
  • Wild Mountain Hef 

All are available for Growler and Crowler fills (more on Crowlers in a minute).

Our first visit… only four craft beers at the time!

Our Favourites
Jeff – Plain Flood IPA

Tara – Overlander Pale Ale 

Growlers & Crowlers 
What the hell is a Crowler I thought after asking what beer was available for purchase?? As it turns out a Crowler is a 32 ounce aluminum can that is filled on site and sealed by a machine behind the bar. At Folding Mountain they have such a machine. I was hooked and bought one ($10). What an amazing concept. It’s purpose is to keep your draft beer even fresher than your traditional Growler would. It keeps the light and oxygen away to give your draft beer even more staying power than your Growler ever could. I couldn’t resist. Of course, as we head on our continued travel for the next 9 months (again), this time I decided I also “needed” to have a mini Growler for our visits to Craft Breweries along the way. Something I was lacking last time! I do have two of the traditional 64 ounce Growlers but the mini is 32 ounces and will travel a lot better.

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