Location Independent
Today, at the time of this writing, marks day 104 of ‘location independent‘ living. People have been asking us “how it’s going” or “do you like it”. To be honest we don’t know how to answer that question, we spent more than three-quarters of the last year on the road and this doesn’t feel any different. You get used to it I guess! The only difference now is that we are following the warm weather (for the most part) which is great!

Interesting Things img_7201
104 days ago we left Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and travelled to Winnipeg, MB for about a month. Following that part of the trip we made our way South visiting some great cities on the journey. We wrote a bunch of blogs which can be read here!

We Made It To Florida
After all of that we made it to Florida, Cape Canaveral to be specific. The weather has been fantastic for our one week stay in a timeshare. Lots of sun, work and new experiences have been enjoyed. One thing we got to experience, which we did not expect in this neck of the woods was a great selection of craft beer.

The Florida Beer Company
We did not know The Florida Beer Company existed until sitting in the hot tub one night and meeting another couple who shared this great spot with us. It was about a six minute drive from the resort where we were staying so it was easy to find. It was a bit of a “hole in the wall”, meaning that it would be difficult to find if you didn’t know it was there. But the building seemed to be brand new. It was just off on a side road and there was no signage.

Florida Beer Company Tasting
When we arrived they offered 4, 6 or 8 four ounce tastings. We opted for the 4 tasting choice ($8). Our selections were (from left to right in the photo above) the Key West Sunset Ale (an Amber Ale), Florida Red Lager, Devil’s Triangle (IPA) and the Swamp DPIPA (Double IPA). To be honest we didn’t love any of them, however if we had to choose it would be the Florida Red Lager. Not too hoppy or bitter, it was a decent sipper on a +25C day! And of course we had to try the white cheddar popcorn, a winner.

On to the next city!


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