B.C. Favorites
Since it is not likely that travel outside of our own province will be recommended this summer we thought that now was a great time to share some of our favourite B.C. destinations. Some are wineries, breweries and restaurants just around the corner while others are cities, hotels or resorts that we are looking forward to getting back to.

The City of Nelson
We have traveled along Highway 3 through Southern BC to the Kootenay region many times, but not once, before last year, had we been to Nelson. We would likely not have gone to Nelson, had we not had work to do in Balfour with the Balfour Recreation Commission. It was not really on our radar as a place that we would like. We were wrong.

Nelson is a very pretty, charming, walkable and historic small town that at the same time has enough amenities, restaurants and an up-beat vibe to keep city-lovers happy. We were also surprised by the number of hotels that met our criteria for consideration. The mountain and lake views don’t hurt either.

The Hume Hotel
While we love a good Marriott we also enjoy a beautiful, grand, historic hotel. Opened in 1898 the restored fixtures, artwork and attention to detail give a sense of what the ‘Grand Old Dame of Nelson’ was like back then. The recently renovated guest rooms have modern amenities and traditional decor but the squeaky wooden floors still remind you of their heritage. Even if you do not stay at the hotel you need to visit it. The nooks and crannies of the Library Lounge and Mike’s Place can be enjoyed over a meal or cocktail. We loved the wooden bar top and cozy, parlour-like atmosphere of the Lounge.

The Adventure Hotel
On our second visit we gave the four-story brick structure of the 1914 built Adventure Hotel a try. Our room was larger than at the Hume with more modern fixtures and amenities but charm and the historic feel of the building itself was lacking. We did however, like both the bar at Louie’s Steakhouse and the attached Empire Coffee. While recently opened (2015) the coffee shop is named after the vintage 1913 Empire Boiler that was recently decommissioned by the hotel.  Sections of the steam boiler are on display throughout. The solarium attached to the coffee house is bright and warm and perfect for working.

We may head back to Nelson this summer or fall for a few days to get a bit of a travel fix and that historic, ‘hotel-stay’ feeling.

If you plan to travel to Nelson and have any questions about our stay, email Tara anytime.

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