Really Local Wineries
When we think of BC wine country, we think of the Okanagan Valley, not of Langley or Surrey, but when you start looking for new places to visit close to home it is amazing what you can discover! We have visited the well known Chaberton Estate Winery and Township 7, both in Langley before, but did not realize that Langley has its own unofficial ‘Wine Trail’.

Backyard Vineyards
Who knew that such a cool, relaxed tasting experience and backyard picnic area was right in our backyard?  I am sure that Langley residents did, but they probably didn’t want us all to know. 😉  Backyard Vineyards is currently offering a Drive Thru wine shop and free delivery on 6 bottles but if you live in the area the picnic area and gazebo are a quiet, safe, social distanced, outdoor spot to enjoy a glass of wine and a cheese or charcuterie platter. They even have a rotating craft beer tap for non-wine lovers.

Reservations are recommended for tastings, tours and the outdoor seating. Seating is limited to 90-minutes to give more people an opportunity to soak up the atmosphere. We enjoyed a tasting and left with 3 bottles – Nosy Neighbour Red (blend) and two Cabernet Franc’s (social and reserve). You can read our Wine Tasting at Home blog about the 2017 Reserve Cab Franc here. We have since found that the Nosy Neighbour Red is widely available (who knew!) and it has become a good go-to red for us.

Festina Lente Estate Winery
Also in Langley, Festina Lente is a 5-acre hobby farm that produces Mead aka Honey Wine. We likely would not have tired it had we not seen a booth at the WhiteRock Farmer’s market and talked with the owner. While the wines are not ones that we would drink regularly we did appreciate the complexity of each of the wineries distinct varieties and the ingredients grown, or housed in the case of the bees, on site. The farm grows sauvignon blanc and fox (red) grapes as well as lime, mint, lavender, blackberries, plums, cranberries, blueberries, ginger and a bunch of other plants we can’t remember. There are also horses to watch over the outdoor festivities.

Tasting can be done inside but is much better outside at a picnic table or wine barrel in the yard. The day we visited (a Saturday) there was also live entertainment. Reservations for tasting are accepted but we did not make one and were able to get a seat (after a short wait) outside.

We are heading back to Langley in two weeks to try a few other spots – hopefully Vista D’Oro and Fraser Valley Cider Company. We also hope to sit outside at Backyard Vineyards because we did not have a chance to stay last time. If anyone has other suggestions please let us know.

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