Eating Out in Yaletown
We have always been observant diners (for our own blogs and also to take ideas to our clients) but many little details related to health and safety that were never of interest are now front and center in our minds. We have found quite a few options that we thought were doing very well for customer safety, some even above and beyond, but sadly also found others that we would not be comfortable going into (even one of our past favourites).

Now after 4 weeks we have some options to share that we are very comfortable recommending from both a food and beverage and a safety standpoint.

Read our first blog about Brunch in Yaletown here.

Happy Hour

Glowbal (590 W Georgia) is a very large space (both indoor and outdoor) so spacing tables is not a problem. They have gone a step further by adding plexiglass at the end of each table (outdoors for sure) for more separation. All staff are masked, names and numbers are taken, sanitizer is mandatory as you enter and the single packaged sanitizer wipes at each seat are a nice touch. The Happy Hour menu at Glowbal has lots of great food options (try the crab arancini and the meatballs) and is available from 2:30 to 6pm. Service, food and safety are all great!

La Terrazza (1088 Cambie) was a go-to for us last time we long-stayed in Yaletown (Nov 2018) and we are happy that it is open again. The experience is not quite the same we plexiglass between us and the bartender but the service and food is still terrific. All safety protocols are in place and the bartender is both masked and gloved behind her plexiglass shield. (There is a cut out in which to serve the 3 sets of 2 barstooled guests who may sit at the bar). Happy Hour is from 5 to 7 and portions are large enough to be dinner. We LOVE the Strozzapreti Bolognese. Try the Salumi and Caesar Alla Romana as well.

Glowbal and La Terrazza both get our gold star.

With another month to go in Yaletown we are sure there will be others so we will update this blog at the end of our stay.

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