My research on the ‘greenness’ of the golf industry has continued. My previous posts included golf equipment and clothing manufacturers and food and beverage distributors covering both the golf shop and restaurant areas of a golf operation. This time I decided to move outside and focus on irrigation companies.

Rain Bird is a privately held company that was founded in 1933. Their website states their belief that water is the world’s most precious resource and the need to conserve water and use it responsibly has never been greater. Rain Bird has focused on developing products and technologies that use water in the most efficient manner possible and the company is committed to ‘The Intelligent Use of Water’™. This program involves four segments: leadership, education, partnerships and products. Rain Bird is taking a lead role in water conservation efforts by sponsoring international summits and drawing attention to the importance of water to various animal species and natural habitats. In terms of education Rain Bird has partnered with leading educators like California State Polytechnic University to develop Teaching Curriculums to help teachers and students better understand water’s vital role in nurturing and sustaining ecosystems. They also continue to produce and sponsor educational Public Service Announcements that air all over the United States. Rain Bird products exemplify the state-of-the-art in water conserving irrigation technology. Every new product or service developed at Rain Bird is assessed for its contribution to The Intelligent Use of Water before it is justified for development or acquisition.

Toro Irrigation is a division of the Toro Company. Since 1914, The Toro Company has become a global leader in turf maintenance equipment and precision irrigation systems, serving customers from golf course superintendents, grounds and sports field managers to landscape and irrigation contractors, agricultural growers, and homeowners. Toro is committed to innovation through the relentless pursuit of emerging technologies that help customers protect the environment and conserve water while at the same time increasing productivity and controlling costs. The company works with alternative fuels like hydrogen, electricity and bio fuels. Toro practices the concept of Lean Manufacturing which focuses on reducing waste in order to improve quality and overall customer value. They are collaborating with distributor partners and suppliers around the world to improve their supply chain.

Both companies appear to be making strong commitment to water conservation and the environment. Golf course owners and operators can build on this commitment by using the technologies provided by these companies in ways that can further protect water usage and the environment.

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