My research on the ‘greenness’ of the golf industry has continued. My first two posts included the environmental policies of six of the large golf equipment manufactures – Acushnet, Callaway, TaylorMade/Adidas, Wilson, Nike and Ping. This time I would like to talk about golf cart and maintenance equipment companies – specifically Club Car. Club Car is a division of Ingersoll Rand. As the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, Club Car is also the world leader of zero emission vehicles. Club Car is dedicated to corporate citizenship and sustainability. They focus on sound environmental operating practices with a goal to decreased use of hazardous substances; reduce waste and emissions; improve energy and water conservation; greater reuse and recycling of materials; and prevention of accidents and injuries across all of their operations.

Club Car has established an enterprise-wide productivity goal to achieve 5 percent higher output each year using the same amount of input. Their patented IQ and IQ+ electric powertrains with programmable speed and acceleration offer optimal performance and efficiency. Their exclusive aluminum chassis lasts longer than steel and they produce the lightest vehicles in the industry, which reduces the negative impacts of turf compaction. Most of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of Club Car vehicles are recyclable including: aluminum, plastic and battery lead and the Watt-Miser energy management system allows course operators to recharge their fleet during off-peak hours when electrical rates are lower, resulting in real cost savings and responsible energy consumption.

Club Car employees are encouraged to lead this effort within the manufacturing facilities and sales offices as well as to extend their care and concern to the community by contributing donations and volunteering their time and services to provide assistance and relief in times of need. We first became customers of Club Car at Salmon Arm Golf Club have since become continued supporters of the company and the products. The game of golf is traditionally a walking sport but golf carts for playing and equipment for maintenance are inevitable. Club Car seems to be a company that is continuously making an effort to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.