Drink Local 
When we are travelling we try to drink local craft beer and wine whenever possible. It is in part to try something new and in part because we try to “shop” or “drink” local whenever possible. It was no different on our recent overnight to Salmon Arm, BC. After morning meetings in Vancouver and a five and a half hour drive we arrived at the hotel with a need to answer email and have a local libation. We choose the Marionette Pinot Noir.

Marionette Winery
The winery has tried to stay true to it’s local roots. So much so in fact that it took the name Marionette for the family of artists and performers who lived on the property many years ago. The winemakers, Amanda Eastwood and Jamie Smith, honed their craft in Europe before opening the winery with the help of Jamie’s family. The winery is located in his hometown of Salmon Arm, minutes off the Trans Canada highway.

Marionette 2015 Pinot Noir
With a retail price of $35.99 this is an affordable Pinot Noir when out for dinner, although the server called it expensive.  It certainly had some earthy notes and a bit of spice at the start it also had a very smooth finish. Salmon Arm is not really know as a wine region but the Marionette Winery certainly might help put them on the map. Next time we are in town a visit to the winery (which offers tastings) is in order! Give it a try if you are in the area.

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