Wine Tasting at Home
Seems like it as been a while since we have done some wine tasting at home as we’ve been out at events and travelling a lot. So one night when we did cook last week we decided some wine tasting at home was in order. We really just wanted a glass or two each with dinner and chose to taste the 2009 Lindemans Shiraz Bin 50 which was was spread over two nights. We have to admit it did taste better on the second night.

The Wine
The Lindemans Wine is from South Eastern Australia and was founded many years ago in 1843 by Dr. Henry Lindeman. Being a ‘Bin’ wine means that Lindemans has selected only the best of their grapes for the wine. For a Shiraz we found it a bit on the heavy side with deep, dark flavours and a fair amount of spice. This would have made it great with a red meat meal, but on this day we were having pasta, so it didn’t really work with the food in our opinion.

We have had many bottles of Lindemans various offerings in the past and would definitely try another, but would be more careful about matching it with the right meal.