Finally Time for Wine Tasting at Home
It has been a while since we have had a bottle of wine (too long) and we have been quite busy with not a lot of time to blog. Finally after a few days off the road and a chance to spend some time at home we started to even cook again. Tonight we had some homemade Lasagne with Garlic Toast and decided it was time to revisit the wine inventory for a taste!

Campo Alto Rioja
The Rioja region of Spain produces one of the world’s finest, and most long lived wines: Rioja. Rioja’s renaissance, in the latter half of the 19th century, was a direct result of the phyloxera bug that decimated vineyards around the globe.


This wine was a 2008 Campo Alto Tempranillo. We found the wine in a local wine shop (Liberty Wines on Robson Street) and we believe that it is not available in BCLC stores. It was the feature wine in the store and we took a chance on it. We both loved it! It fit perfectly with a pasta dinner. It was very fruity and had a light to medium intensity and a clean finish. It is definitely a wine we will buy again!