Following the lawsuit against Clublink for the fallout in the crash that unfortunately killed three young men last summer at Lake Joseph Golf Club, the Ontario Government is pushing for tougher legislation against drivers under 21 years of age. While we believe this to be a tragic incident, we are familiar with the staff’s difficulty in dealing with Members in a private or semi-private environment.

So while feeling remorse over this situation, we are also concerned over the liability being handed to the golf courses when we feel this situation occurs daily in your local pub! The challenge, of course, for staff is the ‘cutting off’ of regular players (Members) who they may see on an almost daily basis. It is a difficult situation an we await the final outcome.

Since the Clublink incident has become national news other stories are coming out of the woodwork.

A contractor is suing the Squamish Valley Golf Club over an April 2007 incident in which he claims he was assaulted by members of a stag party. Thomas Donohue says he and his wife were dining at the club with a small group of people. Some of the 20 men in the bachelor party approached the bar adjacent to the table where he was seated and demanded that they be served alcohol. “The combatants [in the party] then began jostling and fighting. During the melee, one of the combatants was thrown into the plaintiff’s table, upending the table and knocking some persons seated at the table off their seats to the floor,” the statement of claim says. Donohue says that when he stood up and objected, he was shoved, and he tripped and fell, with someone landing on top of him. He says he suffered “massive” injuries to his left shoulder, requiring surgery, as well as pain in his left arm, neck and back.

He claims the club failed to supervise the stag party, did not stop serving the men alcohol and did not attempt to stop the fight or protect him and his party. A statement of claim has been filed in B.C. Supreme Court. Is the golf club really responsible or should accountability be shared with the intoxicated party?

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