Three days on an Island
This is the third blog from our trip to Salt Spring Island (read Part One or Part Two) and I have to conclude by saying that we had a great trip and plan to go back. The staff and pilots started and ended the trip on great notes (view the photo set of the plane ride). The people of Salt Spring seemed very friendly, with almost everyone saying hello or giving a nod as we passed on the sidewalk. The food was also pretty good overall. While we had a few average food and service experiences the remainder were very good and better than we had expected. Not to knock Bowen Island and the Lower Sunshine Coast in general but on our two previous year’s summer trips the food quality and service had been a disappointment to us. The only thing I can say negatively about Salt Spring – and this is really for Jeff’s benefit – is that Rogers has a very weak signal on Salt Spring. He spent three days walking around with his phone in the air looking for a signal. To me that was kind of the point of us going so I thought it was quite funny. Plus Bell (which I use) had a perfect signal the whole time. (View the photo set of the Island).

Tree House Cafe
The Tree House Cafe is located just off the “sea wall” of Ganges Harbour and boasts 111 consecutive nights of live music to date. It also is named for the large plum tree that it is built around. Part of the restaurant surrounds the tree but is basically still outdoors with open sides and a small roof in case of rain. The remainder of the seating is outside the ‘tree house’ on a patio / path from the water to the center of the village. This path can be a bit busy with foot traffic so if you can get a seat, sit inside. Also the tree provides great shade on a sunny and hot day.

Menu and Food
The Tree House serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and focuses on serving delicious, wholesome food prepared from scratch. You will not find any french fries on this menu. Homemade soup and a choice of salads accompany the meals. Home fries are served with breakfast. It was a bit chilly on the day that we went for lunch (sadly in July) but plenty of blankets were available to cover our legs and keep us cozy. For lunch Jeff chose the “Famous Tuna Melt” and I the “Roasted Yam Burrito”. The tuna melt was served on sourdough bread with tomato, red onion, jack and cheddar cheeses. Even though Jeff opted to remove the veggies the melt was still tasty and there was a good portion of tuna. The key ingredient in the tuna mixture was pickles which was actually a great addition to the usual tuna salad mix. The roasted yam burrito also included black beans, cilantro, jack and cheddar cheese and was served on a whole wheat tortilla. The yams were mashed with a spicy and chunky red sauce which was very good. The burrito though was way too big to finish. With Both meals we selected a side Caesar salad which was very garlicky but very good. The food was very good but the service did not match. It was very busy at lunch and the service was slow. But if you are on Salt Spring for vacation you should not be in a hurry anyway and we had a few hours before our plane ride home.