Last Visit to Winnipeg
On a recent trip to Winnipeg I had the chance to eat at a few places that were new to me. As in all cities the restaurant scene changes regularly and since we have not lived in Winnipeg for 15 years lots of places are new to me. The restaurant was Prairie Ink located in the McNally Robinson Bookstore in Grant Park Mall. After reading the “we don’t deep fry” slogan on the website and looking at the menu I knew I would like it.

At first it seems odd to visit a restaurant located inside a bookstore. One thinks of the typical Chapters-Starbucks relationship or expects a coffee/pastry bar set-up. However, once seated inside the restaurant (after a walk past the large and inviting bakery counter) you forget that you are actually in the bookstore. The capacity was smaller than I expected and the décor casual and comfortable. It did lack any type of view other than the mall parking lot but with local artists featured on the walls and good company the windows were easy to ignore.

Food and Service
The menu is anchored by soups and salads but also includes breakfast, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and burgers. Breakfast is served from 9am to 11:30am Monday to Saturday. On Sundays from 11am to 3pm diners also have the options of the Sunday Brunch Buffet. The bakery (as I mentioned) is also a focus. Not only are there treats set up to temp you on the way in and out of the restaurant, the menu also contains a whole bunch of baked goods, buns, breads, cookies, squares and desserts. Since we were there for lunch and not dessert my mom and sister both chose the soup, salad and bread combo while I went with the Roasted Vegetable Sandwich and a side of soup. The regular soup choices were West African Peanut, Chicken Tortellini, Ginger Carrot plus the soup of the day a Seafood Chowder. My sister and I chose the Peanut Soup which she has had before and I was very happy with her choice. It was delicious! Mom had the Chowder which was also very tasty. With 6 salads on the menu both choose the Pear and Blue Cheese with red onions, almonds and a berry-flavored vinaigrette. I thought about trying the Roasted Beet and Sheep’s Cheese Salad but went with the sandwich instead – maybe next time. My sandwich contained egg plant, zucchini, red peppers, red onion, tomato and a very creamy goat cheese of which I forgot to ask the origin. The portions of both the salad and the sandwich were a good size and the food was all very good.

Prairie Ink - Soup and Salad Special

Next Time
I will now have to visit again when I go back to Winnipeg in July. In addition to the Beet Salad I eyed a table full of ‘old world – thin crust’ pizzas that also looked terrific. After checking out the menu on the way out, I found a pizza and salad lunch combo. A return visit (and a piece of pie to go) must be fate.

Prairie Ink - Soup and Sandwich Special