Last week we revisited a couple of restaurants that we had to been before.  The first restaurant was Wild Garlic on Denman.  It was a very rainy Saturday morning and we were looking for a breakfast place close to home.  The sign out front with the breakfast special sealed the deal.  The second restaurant was Bellagio Café.  We were in-between an event at the Vancouver Art Gallery and another in Yaletown with 2 hours and an appetite.  Both choices turned out to be good ones (well almost).

Wild Garlic
Wild Garlic is only a few block from our house and serves breakfast but it is only available on Saturday and Sunday.  Seating is limited and it is usually quite difficult to get in without a wait but at 10:30 on a particularly rainy day we got the second to last table available.  The breakfast special was roasted vegetable Eggs Benny served on a Portobello mushroom which of course caught Tara’s attention.  She requested the eggs medium and they were cooked perfectly.  The Hollandaise had a bit of spice to it and was very good; as were the potatoes fried with onions that accompanied.  Jeff went for the French toast with a side of Black Forest Ham.  The French toast was very basic and not very flavorful and the $3 side of ham (a fatty end piece) didn’t cut it.  So we were one for two.

Bellagio Café
Bellagio is located on Hornby street across from the VAG almost at Robson.  We took a seat on the patio which has been recently expanded to include 3 high top tables right on the sidewalk – a great people watching spot.  We knew that the pizza was good having had it before but being only 3:00 and on our way elsewhere we decided to share some snacks.  The first plate was Bruschetta Pomodoro.  The tomato topping was dressed nicely and the bread was not the traditional baguette style but rather more pita-like which was a different, but good twist.  The second plate was the Smoked Salmon Platter served with crostinis, capers, tomato slices, mixed greens and a ‘ton’ of cream cheese.  And it was all really good.  The crostinis were crisp but not overly and the salmon was fresh.  Some of the extra cream cheese even made its way onto the bruschetta (since Jeff doesn’t like tomatoes anyway).  The portions were huge and we ended up not needing dinner anyway.  This time we were two for two.  We look forward to the opening of the new Bellagio Café location at the new Convention Center site.  It will mean more great pizza takeout for us.