We were on our way to EPIC – The Vancouver Sustainability Trade Show last weekend and decided brunch was in order before hand.  We had been to a tourism reception in the Voya Lounge about a month ago, which was a great experience, so we decided we needed to visit again.  The Voya Restaurant & Lounge is described as intimate fine dining.

The Decor
Voya has a fairly small area and can accomodate up to 80 guests.  But for us at brunch, the decor and ambience was not that appealing.  It felt rigid and a bit stuffy, plus with three staff and two guests (us) it was clearly not that busy.  Of course we were there on a weekend and we imagine that during the week lunch and dinner are probably busier due to the business traffic and the location.

The Experience
The service and experience were pretty good overall.  We arrived at about 11:45 am and asked if brunch was still available, after checking with the kitchen, we were informed that brunch could be had.  Of course with no one else to look after, our server seemed to be tripping over himself to make sure we had everything we needed.  Tara had Oatmeal and a Bagel while Jeff had the two egg, fried baby potatoes, bacon and toast with a glass of Cranberry Juice.  Both meals were good but pretty standard fare.  What got us was the $4.50 for a bagle and $4.00 for a glass of Cranberry juice, both of which seemed a bit over the top and maybe a reason no one else was there (no one came in during the one hour we dined).  When it was all said and done for $27.50 (plus tax and tip) we have a lot of equally good options at far better prices.  It will be a while before we visit Voya again, for breakfast anyway.

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