A couple of weeks ago we met some friends at the Village Taphouse in North Vancouver for a Canucks Pay-Per-View game. Previously known as Steamworks, the room has undergone some great renovations making it much more open and now allowing the choice of high top tables or standard height cushy leather chairs as well as booths. The new and improved menu had a great selection of appetizers of which the spicy tuna was quite good. The selection of mains includes the usual upscale pub fare ranging from burgers and steak to noodle bowls and mac and cheese. The only thing that I thought was missing was one or two fish or seafood options. While the score in the game was three nothing against the home team by the end of the first period and ended up as another disappointing loss, one highlight was the free round of Granville Island Pale Ale served when Alex Burrows scored the lone Canuck in the second period. Even though Jeff is mostly opposed to leaving the ‘island’ of Vancouver, especially over the Lions Gate Bridge, we will add the Taphouse to our Pay-Per-View game options list.

Food – GOOD, Service – GOOD, Atmosphere – GOOD

Last week we were also invited to watch a Canucks practice sponsored by Team 1040 radio. We were lucky enough to listen to Mike Gillis speak for almost an hour, watch the hour and a half practice and have a tour of the inner workings of GM place. However, since we did not eat before the event we were quite hungry on our way from GM place to the Bay store to check out the new Olympic gear. The only place to grab a bite, quick or otherwise, on the south side of Georgia between GM Place and the Bay is a small café called the Butterfly Garden. It was a one man show with what looked like the owner taking our order, cooking the food and delivering it to the table. The menu had a good selection of hot and cold sandwiches and wraps and breakfast was available until 2pm. The food was good and a great value and while it is unlikely that we would walk specifically to visit the café again we will remember it as good lunch spot when in the area.

Food – GOOD, Service – AVERAGE, Atmosphere – Average