This post is actually more about drinking than dining now that NHL Hockey season is well under way. During the regular season we watch every televised Canucks game in the comfort of our apartment but there are still 13 Pay Per View games that require the decision of whether to order them through Shaw or to watch them at a local establishment. As it turns out on most of these occasions we opt to go out to watch the game as Jeff seems to think that the Canucks lose every time he orders the Pay Per View games at home. Usually we rotate our watching between Earl’s and The Mill.

Earl’s ‘Upstairs’ on Robson street always has a great atmosphere whether on game day or not and the round booths are cozy and comfortable for a 3 hour visit. While Earl’s does not have specific food or drink specials for game days, I hope that games fall on a Tuesday when Earl’s famous and fabulous White Peach Bellinis are $6.50 for a double. These Bellinis are best accompanied by the warm feta and spinach dip. Pint and Wing Wednesday is also a good choice featuring $1 off pints and $3 off wings.Drinks – GOOD, Service – GOOD, Atmosphere – GREAT

The Mill Marine Bistro and Bar located on the Seaside Walk at the foot of Bute Street caters to game watchers. While the seating is not as comfortable as Earl’s, with 10 big screen TVs in the small 60 seat venue you can always keep your eye on more than one TV if two or three games are on at the same time. On all Canucks Game Days (Pay Per View or not) The Mill offers pints for $3.99 and pitchers for $14.99. While I do enjoy a Sol or Bavaria every so often I am not the biggest fan of draft beer so I look forward to games that fall on a Wednesday when all wines by the bottle are 25% off. The wine list is not long offering only 7 reds and 8 whites but there are some very good choices.Drinks – GOOD, Service – GOOD, Atmosphere – GREAT