Joe’s Grill in Vancouver’s West End

Saturday morning was cold and rainy, a perfect morning to enjoy brunch somewhere cozy, warm and crowded. We chose Joe’s Grill on Denman between Barclay and Nelson. We arrived at the exact right time to secure the only available table and a line formed in the foyer right behind us. The restaurant is small, but not as small as some in the area, with about 50 seats. Three servers manage the space well, while three cooks turn out heaping breakfast plates at a remarkably quick pace for the variety on the menu. Breakfast is served all day, even on weekends (a good thing to remember) and the list of items is huge. There are 11 egg combinations including Corned Beef Hash, seven Bennys, Pancakes, Crepes, Waffles and endless omelette combinations.

The Taco Bowl Ranchero
I chose the Ranchero, which when it arrived was not what I was expecting, but turned out to be a great choice. I was expecting basically an egg Quesadilla but what arrived was a crunchy fried tortilla with the eggs inside presented like a taco salad. The eggs were topped with black beans, salsa and cheddar cheese and I had also requested that green peppers be added to the mix. The main dish was served with toast and pan-roasted potatoes, the real kind with delicious crunchy bits of fried potato skin still attached. Jeff had the French toast that came with 2 eggs, 2 sausages and 2 bacon. Both meals were very large portions, too much to finish. The waitresses were quick and to the point but still friendly while trying to manage such a busy environment.

Lunch Items
In addition to a huge breakfast menu Joe’s also offers the type of lunch time fare that is sometimes hard to find in downtown Vancouver; the kind of food you get at a typical golf course clubhouses, Patty Melts, Open-faced Roast Beef sandwiches with gravy and even a standard grilled cheese sandwich, no lobster, no asparagus, cheddar only. We will go back to give lunch a try on an equally dreary day of which there are sure to be many over the next few months.

Breakfast – GREAT, Service – GOOD, Atmosphere – GOOD

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