We live in Coal Harbor a block from the Seaside walk. Within about a half kilometer in either direction there are a total of 5 restaurants that we have come to frequent fairly regularly, partly because of their close proximity but mostly because of their great views…and the food is not too bad either.

The Mill Marine Bistro and Bar, located down the stairs from the corner of Bute and Cordova, may be easy to miss from the street but attracts many visitors from the waterfront walk. Avoid the lunch rush to get a prime table facing the water park and the float plane terminal. The thin crust pizzas are delicious and great for sharing but my favorites are the halibut burger with wasabi tartar and the crab quesadilla. Now that the weather has turned, the pay-per-view hockey and $3.99 pints keep us coming back. The Mill also has a rich and interesting history that is told on their website and historic artifacts throughout the building. Food – GOOD, Service – GOOD, Atmosphere – GREAT

Lift is the newest edition to the Seaside walk and has a 2nd floor outdoor lounge with views of Stanley Park and the action of the Vancouver Yacht and Rowing clubs that is definitely worth the usual wait. Our servers have often been ‘actors’ with time to fill and have made sure to make us aware of this. The high-end food is a bit pretentious as are the $12 martinis but sitting on the patio while groups row by being yelled at by a big guy following in a motor boat is the great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Food – AVERAGE, Service – AVERAGE, Atmosphere – GREAT

Cardero’s Restaurant has arguably the best patio in Vancouver. Not only does the patio have views as great as Lift, it is always filled with a welcoming ‘party’ atmosphere. Cardero’s is known for seafood and while the food has been good every time that we have been there the menu needs to be updated soon and more often to keep us coming back. Food – GOOD, Service – GOOD, Atmosphere – GREAT

Crime Lab has been mentioned in one of my previous posts but since it is no longer summer patio weather it is worth mentioning that the inside atmosphere is just as good as the patio. It is cozy with great lighting and the full length windows still allow for marina views; even if it is rain that we are looking at. Food – GOOD, Service – GOOD, Atmosphere – GREAT

Since we work from home The Westin Bayshore’s secondary lobby has become our favorite spot to meet with clients and many a meeting has ended with either lunch or drinks in the Seawall Bar and Grill Lounge. The patio has a great view from a few tables located close to the walkway but the lounge is filled with comfortable couches and deep chairs and the service has always been great. The portions are larger than you would expect for a high-end hotel and while the chicken clubhouse with grainy mustard mayo is my favorite the seafood salad is also a winner. My only fear in living so close to the hotel is that the next time Jeff and I stay at a Westin he may steal a bathrobe so that he can become a regular at the Westin Bayshore pool. Food – GOOD, Service – GREAT, Atmosphere, GOOD