Typical Saturday Morning
We are busy with golf tournaments and other events pretty much every Saturday from March to September but in the off-season Saturday is our day for errands and always breakfast out.  Last Saturday we were on Davie Street checking out the Scotia Bank Dance Theatre for the UnMarketing UnConference on December 1st.  We decided to stop for a ‘World Famous Breakfast’ at the Elbow Room on Davie.

The Elbow Room
We had never been here before and loved it as soon as we walked in.  It felt like a place we liked when we visited New York called the StarDust Diner where all of the wait-staff took their turn performing a show tune.  The Elbow Room is more laid back but the ‘performance’ of the waiters (especially Patrick) and the ‘friendly abuse’ was just perfect.  The food was also very good but the portions are just too big.  The six inch pancake is actually 6 inches in diameter and about an inch thick.  The Bennys (loved the New Yorker) have so much topping they are just huge.  But it is really The Rules that give the place its charm.  So have a read below at a list of them and a few quotes.  They really are true and it really is a great place for breakfast.  Take some out of town guests long, they will love it.  And be sure to make a donation to ‘Loving Spoonful’ when you leave.

The Rules
We only bring your first cup of coffee.  If you want more get a butler.
We believe in fast service so relax we will be with you when we are done yakking.
Due to the graphic nature of our XXX vocabulary parental discretion is advised.
This is not a public library so stop wasting time and order something.
In a hurry well then you should have gone to McDonalds.
Enjoy your stay but be considerate of others, when there is a line up remove yourself.

Quotes from the website
“Why pay to go to the theatre, when its free with every breakfast!”
–    March, 1997. The Province: “Breakfast as Theatre”

“It was a rainy Sunday, the phone rang. The concierge of the hotel asked if he could make a reservation. I said, “No, we’re too small.” He said that this was for Sharon Stone. I said, “Well, aren’t we the Queen.” Complete silence at the other end. Then I said, “Oh, send her down”. Well, she arrived with 10 people. I had to take some of my precious time to arrange a table and explain to others in the lineup about my problems. We then got silly. Then I went out and asked who was the Queen here that called for reservations. Sharon said that it was her and I said, “Do not get on your high horse. I know how to handle you. Honey, I deal with Queens all day.” We then started to laugh.”

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