Lunch on Howe Street
Last weekend we were ‘out and about’ downtown, doing our usual Saturday errands, and of course for lunch. On these days we always try to go somewhere we have never been before. We figure, that there are so many places to eat in downtown Vancouver, why not try them all once; you never know what you will discover. On this occasion we discovered delicious homemade soups and a very friendly owner/operator that made sure we were happy.

Lots to choose from
The place was Scoozis Mediterranean Restaurant and Bar at 445 Howe Street. The owner was Michael Stamoulis. It was almost 1pm when we arrived but breakfast was still being offered, so we decided to look at both menus and ended up ordering a combination of both. Jeff started with a small Scoozis Chicken Soup which was not small at all, was definitely home-made and had a hint of lemon and ginger. He then had the French Toast with bacon which was also not small with four slices of toast and a heap on crispy bacon. The real Maple syrup and cinnamon on top made the dish. Tara opted for the Lunch Combo which was a choice of soup served with Spanakopita. The Minestrone soup was also homemade and filled with more vegetables than you could count. The portion was huge and the one large meatball covered in feta cheese in the middle added to the already great flavor. The crust of the Spanakopita was a bit soggy but the filling, a mixture of spinach, potato, ricotta, feta and parmesan, made up for it. But the best part was the topping of Tzatziki which was much more rich and creamy than others and oh so garlicky. Oh yeah, and on top of the huge portions both soups came with a side of warm, fluffy and yummy Pita bread. This was NOT a ‘low cal’ lunch by any means.

While we do try to go somewhere new as much as possible, if we happened to be in the neighborhood we will definitely go back. And you never know, we may run out of new places eventually…or not.

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