Make a reservation
Cardero’s continues to be one of the busiest restaurants that we visit.  There is usually at least a 45 minute wait and often no seats in the bar to wait in.  But there are a few options, one is the bar set up along the kitchen which is usually not full where you can eat and watch the kitchen action at the same time.  Another good option is to make a reservation.  Reservations are not taken for the tables outside but you can get a view just as good or maybe even better, by reserving a table along the inside window directly facing the marina. This is what we did when meeting some friends to check out Cardero’s new menu.

Cardero’s has had the same menu for a LONG time.  Our first visit was at least 10 years ago and when we moved just down the street 3 years ago we were frequent visitors.  But the menu had been the same for so long we actually cut down our visits to try new places.  About 2 months ago Cardero’s launched a new menu.  We had heard mixed reviews on Twitter and Facebook and from some of our friends who also visit regularly.  We even read somewhere that the staff did not like the new menu.  We are not sure why it took us two months to check it out but we finally did.  And our assessment is that it is OK.

Since we are both on the ‘picky’ side, and eat the exact opposite things, menus with lots of options are great for us.  And while the new menu has some great new options it is still quite limited.  We were impressed with the new “To Share” options which of course still include fresh oysters but now also include Fish Tacos, Flatbread, Hummus and Jumbo prawns.  However, the Chili Chicken (which was one of Tara’s favorites) has been removed.  In addition to the Manhattan Clam Chowder a creamy Clam Chowder is also a regular menu item.  As is the Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich (available until 5pm only) which was often a regular lunch special item.  The Woks (which are always good ) and the main courses have remained mostly the same.  We think that the Pan Seared Cajun Lingcod is a new entrée addition but are not positive.  A small ‘Features’ area has been added which includes a Halibut dinner.  So overall the new menu is good, but again if it is not changed for a while we will likely get bored.

On this night three of us actually choice the special which was a Queen Charlotte Islands Halibut in buerre blanc sauce with roasted vegetables and rice; and the fourth chose the Wok Seafood.  The food was very good (as it usually is) and our server was great (again as usual).  We have always had both good food and good service on our visits.  A bottle of Blue Mountain Pinot Noir was a good addition to dinner.  We will be back to give the appy menu a try in the near future.

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