Southern BBQ at Memphis Blues
I did not think that Memphis Blues would be for me seeing as I do not usually like pork or other BBQ’s meat of any kind. But Jeff wanted to give it a try so what the heck. On the way home from a meeting at Fraserview Golf Course we stopped at the Memphis Blues location on Commercial Drive (there are also locations on West Broadway and Lonsdale as well as Langley, Surrey and Kelowna). According to the website BBQ is serious business. “Southern Barbeque (pronounced baah-be-cue): meat is smoked for several hours at low temperatures over hardwood, resulting in a succulent and tender product. The meat is never mushy or falling off the bone (this is a sign that they have been braised or boiled – taboo in the South.) Pulled pork is Pork Butt, slow cooked until you can pull it apart with a fork. Beef Brisket is the trickiest to cook, it must be tender and juicy, yet have all the fat rendered out. This is messy food, folks – dive in, and eat with your hands.
Memphis Blues Barbecue House
When we arrived at Memphis Blues the decor is as expected with wood panel walls, wooden tables (no cloths) and booths down one side. The restaurant was clean, the staff friendly but busy and the place was full. We arrived for a late lunch – after 1:30 – and were surprised that we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table and the take-out line up was still four people deep.

Menu and Food
Patrons order at the counter from a large blackboard-type hanging menu that is very detailed then food is delivered to the table. Menu choices include starters, salads, sandwiches, meals and platters. There is even a platter that serves 12 and would make a great football party take-away. Yes there is a salad section but four of the seven options are topped with barbecued meat. Did I mention this was a barbecue house? We decided to try the BBQ Nachos to start while I ordered the Smokehouse Chilli and Jeff the Sliced Beef Brisket sandwich. The nachos were a huge portion for the $10.50 and this turned out to be the theme of the lunch. The prices might seem a bit high at first but order less because you get more! The nachos were more pulled pork and BBQ sauce than cheese and Jeff really liked them. We saved half to take home so we had room for lunch. The chilli was good – spicy with chunks of peppers. There was a lot of meat which being a BBQ house I expected. The beef brisket was very tender and the sandwich large. The chilli was served with nacho chips and corn bread and the sandwich with BBQ pit beans and coleslaw. I ate both Jeff’s beans and coleslaw (they were both very good) and he had a half sandwich and half my chilli to take home. Did I mention the portions were huge?

BBQ Lovers
If you like Barbecue with a capital B this is the place for you. As a non-meat lover and a non-BBQ sauce lover I gave it a try for my hubby. He liked it and I survived. Now he has to try The Naam.