The Greedy Pig
We have been meaning to try The Greedy Pig restaurant on Cordova since it opened last year. We had heard that the food was very good and finally had a chance to try it for a late lunch. The room is long and narrow in a historic building with a long bench long one wall, the bar along the other and some small, cozy nooks for seating in the back. For lunch the room was light and bright but I image for evening that it is dark and cozy. We will have to go back in the evening to see for ourselves.

Menu and Food
The menu strives to use local artisan products and we found a few of our favorites. The lunch menu includes a daily soup (today prosciutto and cabbage which we did not try) and a few salads but is mainly made up of ‘artisan sandwiches’. We decided to try two different ones and share them. The staff was nice enough to put half on each plate for us.

The first was the Grilled Reuben made with J. Beethoven corned beef which we discovered a few years ago at Cardero Bottega (see previous blog) and still love. The staff was also nice enough to put sauerkraut on only half of the delicious Russian Rye bread so that Jeff would not have to pick his off. Swiss cheese and grainy mustard topped off the perfect corned beef sandwich.

Our second choice was the Grilled Cheese on sourdough. This was not just any grilled cheese since it was made with a yummy, gooey, melt in your mouth combination of brie, Swiss, mozzarella and smoked cheddar. Yum! Both sandwiches were delicious.

Service and Price
The service was fast and friendly and the food terrific. If you do go online to look at the menu, the prices do seem a bit high for a sandwich lunch (served with coleslaw) but the quality ingredients make it worth it. Now that we have tried two of the sandwiches and thought that they were both a good value we will go back again to try some of the others.