Dining in Vancouver – Deacon’s Corner
We don’t often write a post about the same restaurant more than once but this blog is for all Vancouverites who have not yet been to Deacon’s Corner. Go NOW! You can view our previous blog here. Deacon’s Corner Gastown Diner is located on the corner of Main and Alexander Streets. The building is not much to look at and is actually an office building with the restaurant on the main floor. The décor is ‘family diner’ with booths, a few tables and high-top tables with stools. They do not do dinner but specialize in breakfast and lunch. They are open from 8am to 5pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends.

The menu includes a good selection of breakfast, sandwiches, burgers and dogs as well as soup and a few salads. But we think you should stick with the main event which is breakfast. We have now had breakfast here too many times to count and every time has been terrific! The menu has three ‘Big Breakfast’ which are for the seriously hungry as the regular potions are also quite big. My favorite item is the B.E.L.T.C.H while Jeff’s is either the French Toast or the Farmer’s Omelette. The Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Cheese and Tomato sandwich is toasted and served with a side of hashbrowns. I order a side of baked beans just because they are so good. The French Toast is made with cinnamon dipped bread and served with a side of meat (yes big portions, three pieces of bread and a side of bacon, ham or sausage). The Farmer’s Omelette is three eggs (as are all the omelettes) with sausage, bacon, ham and cheddar served with hashbrowns. The hashbrowns are shredded and fried crispy. Yum.


Service and Quality
The service has also always been good. There are usually only two servers on duty but they are fast and friendly and the food is served quickly. And really it is all about the food. The bill comes right after your plates are cleared and has never been incorrect. You may get a cheaper breakfast but rarely will you get the same combo of value, service and great food! Go NOW!