Date Night
Thanksgiving Sunday was ‘date night’ in our house.  We decided to check out The Social Network and then find some turkey dinner.  The movie was quite good, a great story and fairly well acted.  It also is a great business movie about what you should and shouldn’t do when launching the ‘next best idea ever’.  After the movie at ScotiaBank Theatre on Burrard we walked the block down Smithe to Thurlow St. and got a table at the corner suite.  We had seen a post on Twitter for the 3 course $29 Turkey Dinner.  The full name of the restaurant is ‘the corner suite bistro de luxe’ (all lower case and yes with a space in de luxe).

corner suite Cocktails
The place is really all about cocktails.  There are about 500 on the menu but the list grows and changes all the time based on both seasonal ingredients and new creations.  The cocktail menu itself is a very large book resembling the wine lists of other local establishments.  Another thing you cannot miss about the place is the décor.  With very shiny black tables that have both napkin slots and purse hooks the room would be mostly dark but the very blue (lets say turquoise) chairs definitely add the color.  The bar takes center stage with at least 30 seats and a great view of the amazing creations of Steve da Cruz.  Tara tried the ‘El Presidente’ in which the main ingredient is Havana Club Anjeo Light Rum.  The full 30 page “Genuine Article” cocktail list is posted on their website.

bistro de luxe
The service started out very good.  The hostess sat us immediately and water and the daily specials were not far behind.  Our server was also great to start but got a bit overwhelmed as the evening got busier and we had a bit of a difficult time getting the check. Jeff decided to go with the three course turkey dinner which started with Chanterelle Soup.  Tara ordered the Smoked Cod Chowder which was creamy but not overly so and had nice sized chucks of fish.  Both soups were quite good.  The Turkey dinner consisted of pieces of both white and dark meat, creamy mashed potatoes, bacon and herb stuffing, brussel sprouts and turkey gravy.  But the quality, flavor and presentation was so ‘not your typical turkey dinner’ but it was very good.  With pumpkin pie all for $29 it was a great deal.  Tara opted for a Dungeness crab cake and 2 selections from the le fromage menu.  The menu consists of at least 30 choices from a variety of short, medium, firm, aged, blue, goat, sheep and some vegetarian options.  She chose two from France that were both excellent; the valencay goat paired well with some maraschino cherries.  Overall the food was very good.

Next time we will likely sit at the bar and start working through both the cocktail and le fromage menus.  That will take at least a few more visits.

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