Gastown Tour
After living in Coal Harbour for almost three years now, we are very familiar with our neighborhood and all of its shops and restaurants.  We are also just as familiar with all of the stops along both Denman and Robson Streets.  This summer we have been intrigued with Gastown.  Since the completion of Woodwards there seems to be a new restaurant opening every week in the area.  And now the Nester’s Market even offers residents a close place to shop.  We have been making walking trips whenever possible down various streets to check out both the dining options and the rental properties. 

Bambo Café
This time out we chose to walk straight up Hastings Street to Cambie before turning left.  We were actually planning to have lunch at the Greedy Pig but when we arrived we found out that it is closed on Sunday.  However, right next door we found Bambo Café.  They advertised 100% organic, free trade coffee but since we do not drink coffee it was the food menu that brought us in.  Jeff was interested in breakfast and ordered the Ham & Cheese Omlette with mushrooms (minus the mushrooms of course) and a fruit smoothie.  The omlette was served with crispy potatoes slices, orange slices and a piece of toast.  The ham and cheddar filling was very good.  The smoothie however was a bit runny, so we suggest you stick to the coffee.  Tara opted for lunch and the Crabmeat sandwich.  The sandwich came on thin foccacia bread spread with a spicy mayo and had a good amount of real crab meat (not imitation stuff) as well as avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese.  Everything tasted very fresh and the sandwich was great!  We generally do not favor the style of dining in which you order at a counter but the staff was very pleasant and helpful and brought the drinks and the food to our outside table when they were ready.


Steamworks Brewing Company
After a bit of a stroll to digest our lunch we headed down Water Street back towards Coal Harbour.  We almost walked past the Steamworks patio but it seemed that one of the few empty tables was calling us.  It was too nice on a Sunday afternoon to pass up a beer on a patio so Jeff had a Signature Pale Ale and Tara an Ipanema something or other before we headed home.  Although there is no water view from the patio it is a great people watching spot.

There are so many places to eat in Gastown these days it will take us a while to try them all out.  We have been to Judas Goat, Irish Heather, Chill Winston, Six Acres and had drinks at Pourhouse.  Next on the list is Greedy Pig, La Taqueria and Deacon’s Corner.