Palm Springs, California
After a week in Escondido, we arrived in Palm Springs on Saturday!  What a difference a week and a two hour drive can make, after torrential rains and cool temperatures in Escondido, it is 16C/62F with beautiful blue sky in Palm Springs.  We even managed to get the sun roof open for most of the drive once we got off the highway.

Maracas Mexican
Before arriving in Palm Desert, we took the early Palm Springs exit in search of some lunch.  After parking downtown, the options were many and a short walk later we decided on Maracas.  After ordering some drinks and receiving our chips and salsa we took a look at the menu.  It appeared very much like Los Margaritas on 4th in Vancouver, which we love.  Tara ordered the cheese enchilada with a hard fish taco while Jeff had the same but with a pulled steak hard taco.

The Review
Loved it!!!  We’d highly recommend you try Maracas if you are in Palm Springs.  The food and atmosphere were both great and prices moderate.

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