Joe’s Crab Shack
Considering how great the Crab was I am surprised that we have never been to a Joe’s Crab Shack before, especially since there are over 100 in the USA. We chose the location in Oceanside, CA. The sun finally came out today after four days of rain and even though it was too windy to sit on the patio, a table by the huge windows overlooking the sunny Oceanside Harbour was welcome. We chose the restaurant specifically because we wanted to go out for crab so did not bother to look at the rest of the quite large menu.

Great Tables
The tables were all square with a hole cut in the center to accommodate a metal pail for shells, which was a nice feature. Another smaller pail set on the tale contained cutlery and the much needed wet wipes. A roll of paper towels finished off the setting and was also needed. The whole setup reminded us of Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory, but this time it was all about the crab. Our server was friendly and gave us some helpful tips about the area and the food came out fast, as per usual in the USA.

Three Types of Crab
We ordered the feature appetizer sampler to share (crab and shrimp dip, calamari and jalapeño/crab balls) and a bucket of crab. Yes it was a whole bucket. For $26.99 we got two large Alaska King legs, four Dungeness legs and four Snow Legs which are actually in season right now (plus roasted potatoes and corn on the cob). We opted to have the Crab grilled with Old Bay seasoning and butter on the outside but other options included grilled with BBQ seasoning, boiled, or steamed. The legs were served very hot and were very delicious! Tara preferred the Alaska King as usual but Jeff preferred the Dungeness this time around. All in all it was a great lunch!

California or Winnipeg?
Tomorrow we are on our way to Palm Desert. We are hoping that the weather man is right and that the storms are past. However, we will be taking the long way around and avoiding the mountain pass which is now covered in snow! Is this California or did we somehow end up in the ‘Peg’?

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