Fresh Halibut is in
As you all know we almost never cook. We are huge fans of all of the restaurant choices that abound all within walking distance of our home and also of the Urban Fare ‘take-out’ program. But we have been getting increasing pressure for those around us (especially Mom) to stay in and cook once in a while. What actually put us over the edge was the ‘proliferation’ of fresh Halibut available these days. Everywhere we go, there it is, like it was calling us…

Pan Roasted Halibut with Buttered Corn
Tara found a recipe in a Vancouver Sun article on a page devoted to Halibut. Did you know that Halibut have one eye that points sideways and another that points upward? Anyway of the four recipes offered in the article we chose Pan Roasted Halibut with Buttered Corn, firstly because corn is one of the only vegetables that Jeff will eat but also because it sounded the easiest and didn’t require pre-preparation, baking or food processing (to view the article and all of the recipes click here.) The corn took about a half hour from start to finish, not too bad, but if we made it again we would use about half the butter and we added a bit more fresh thyme than suggested. In the end we purchased way too much halibut so now have leftovers that we again have to ‘cook’ something with – so we are thinking Fish Tacos. A bottle of wine and a good CD made the cooking experience much better too.

The Wine
Since cooking is rare around our house it is never done without a glass of wine in hand and the 2005 Cedar Creek Estate Series Pinot Noir that we chose was VERY good. It probably was not the best choice for pairing with our dinner of Halibut, rice and corn but since it was more than half finished before we ate, this did not matter much to us. It had a bit of a spicy taste but such a smooth finish. We liked it so much that we checked the website after dinner for newer vintages but sadly did not find any available.

Who knows maybe we will start cooking in more and eating out less…to be continued…