If you love beer…
May 10th to 16th marks the first ever Craft Beer Week in Canada; and what better place to host it than Vancouver itself. The week includes 25+ participating breweries at 20 different venues and as the website says ‘No Crap Beer’.  The week includes 23 ticketed events (some of which are already sold out) plus week long beer specials.

Week-long Specials
Deacon’s Corner on Main has been named the official breakfast (and hangover) hotspot for the week and will feature daily specials to ease your pain. Red Card Sports Bar on Seymour, The Whip on E 6th and Taylor’s Crossing on the North Shore will have daily food and beer parings and the R & B Brewing Company on E 4th will be providing free brewery tours at 1pm from Monday to Friday (book your space ahead of time).

Special Events
Of the ticketed events our top pick the ‘Upright Crawl’ is already sold out. But if you are lucky enough to secure a ticket your three-venue beer dinner will take you through the Shebeen Whiskey House, the Irish Heather, and Salt. Other noteworthy events that still have tockets available include ‘Four Beers and a Funeral Pub Craw’, featuring Steamworks, Dix, Yaletown Brewing Co. and Dockside Brewing Co. Tickets are $65 and are still available through the website. ‘The Carnival Band’ will lead the procession and all guests are asked to wear black. We also pick ‘Cooking with Beer’ at the Dirty Apron Cooking School and ‘Women and Beer’ at The Refinery on Granville as good bets.

Even if you don’t love beer…
Tara is not a huge beer fan, but these events sound like so much fun, and we always like to try and support all things local. Visit the webiste at vancouvercraftbeerweek.com or follow on Twitter @VCBW.