Denman Street Restaurants
Wild Garlic is located on Denman Street between Alberni and Robson. This short block has a restaurant in almost every space and it is my plan to visit all of them one month this summer. I had this idea when we were walking to Wild Garlic last week (which we have visited before) when I realized that out of the ten or so restaurants on the block we had only been to two of them. The cuisines are also quite different so it will make for an interesting month of blogging.

Wild Garlic Bistro
The Wild Garlic Bistro is a small space with mainly booth seating for about 24 plus 4 or 5 tables for 2 and a few seats at the bar. On weekend mornings it is always full. We have also walked past in the evening when it has also been full – thanks to killer drink specials I think. Brunch is available Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 2:30. Otherwise the restaurant is open at 5pm daily. The brunch menu is fairly typical except for the items that feature their signature ingredient – garlic. These include the Wild garlic omelet (roasted garlic, sweet peppers, bacon & aged cheddar cheese) and the Sauteed Garlic spinach & tomato Benny. 

One out of two, Again
Jeff ordered the French Toast with a side of bacon. He has had the French Toast here before (see previous blog) and it was better this time around. I was not feeling the garlic (even though I love garlic) so I ordered a tomato, avocado and cheese sandwich and had them add a side of bacon (yes, I know). I wish I had ordered the garlic. The toast was not really toasted so the tomatoes made the bread soggy and the yam fries that came as a side were very undercooked. Again, we were one for two. 

I am not ready to give up yet because I like the vibe of the cozy (tight) interior and the service and prices are good. The Tapas menus available after 5pm also includes some interesting garlic inspired items which I would like to try and definitely plan to in the next few months.

French toast with pure maple syrup
Tomatoes, avocado & cheddar cheese on multigrain toast