Whet Kitchen Bar Patio
Whet is located on Granville Island right under the bridge in a space that used to be a Sammy J. Peppers location. The menu includes Oceanwise seafoods & Granville island market ingredients like Oyama sausage, la Baguette breads and Duso’s artesian cheeses. What attracted us was the patio and the great October weather that let us eat brunch outside while checking out the boats in the marina. The patio is likely not in the sun very often because of the angle it faces but it has heaters above available year round, room to lock up bikes and is quite large so seating was not a problem.

Food and Service
The brunch menu is only available from 11am to 1pm Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. We were intrigued by the Smoothies so ordered one to share so we could try it and two beers of course. We tried the Ocean Breeze which was raspberries, banana, honey and cream but were not really impressed. It was more like a runny milkshake and not that fruity. We were happy with our Sol and Pale Ale.

Jeff ordered the Bacon Cheddar Omlette ($14) – alderwood smoked bacon, white cheddar, crimini mushrooms. He forgot to ask for no mushrooms but there were not that many to pick out. The omlette had alot of cheese and a decent amount of bacon. It was served with pan fried red potatoes which were the star – buttery and delicious.

I ordered the Dungeness Crab Benedict and was pleasantly surprised. There was a decent amount of crab atop poached medium eggs – cooked correctly, with corn and scallions on an English muffin. The hollandaise sauce was quite good. The menu did say bell peppers as well but I did not find any. The potatoes were very buttery and very delicious. For an $18 menu item I still think the Crab Benedict at Raincity Grill ($19) is better but this was pretty good.

The food is a bit pricey but the service was good and the view was great! If you are in Granville Island for brunch Edible Canada at the market is a good choice but is usually lined up. Whet makes a decent alternative.


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