Vegetarian Dining
In the last month I had the opportunity to try two vegetarian restaurants that I had not been to before – The Naam (see previous blog) and The Foundation. Located on Main Street, The Foundation is right across the street from Mount Pleasant Community Center on a stretch of Main with almost as many restaurants as Denman Street. The building is old (possibly heritage) and could use a bit of love but the food was great! We arrived at 11:30 – right when they open – because we expected it to be busy but it actually was not too bad. 

The Menu
The menu provides vegetarian and vegan options that all sounded great. There were two burger choices – one that was tofu based and the other, The Bentonio Burger which I ordered. The patty was made with black beans, rice, corn and peppers. It was moist and very good as was the house dressing on the mixed greens. I liked this burger a bit more than the Sam’s Patty from The Naam. I think it was the black beans. The service was pretty good too.

The Foundation Decor
My only complaint was that the mix and match furniture, the linoleum tables and the run down building make the place feel a bit more ‘dirty’ than ‘hip’ which it is rumoured to be. I guess I am just not the ‘hipster’ type. I do like the quotes printed on the outside and inside of the building and I do want to go back to try out the Nachos sometime. They are not served until precisely 4:30 and are supposed to be terrific. (I may convince Jeff to come to as I have heard that you cannot tell they are vegetarian. We shall see.)