Dining in Yaletown
We did not spend much time in Yaletown this summer but have had the occasion to visit Flying Pig on Hamilton Street twice in the last month. Our first visit was before a BC Lions Game for appies and the second was for brunch with friends on Thanksgiving Monday. Reservations are available for weekend brunch starting at 10:30 and weekday lunch starting at 11:30. Dinner is first come, first serve only. Despite its name, the menu is not made for pork lovers. According to their website The Flying Pig represents a desire for you to see the impossible happen every time you visit.

The Flying Pig
The brunch, lunch and dinner menus are very concise with 5 or 6 appetizer options and 6 or 7 entree options on each plus a selection of sides. For me there was lots of great items to choose from. Jeff felt a bit more limited but still found a few things to try. On the first visit for appies we sat at the bar and on the second for brunch at a high-top table for four. The service on both occasions was very good and the staff was friendly. 

The House Salmon Sampler ($9) includes all local and wild salmon. On this day the platter included smoked and candied salmon but this could vary by availability. The toast rounds were good and crispy but there could have been a bit more spread for Jeff’s liking since he is not a greens or onion fan.

The Beefsteak Tomato and Bocconcini Duo ($8) was topped with crispy onions which was an interesting and nice touch. I have eaten many a tomato/mozza or bocconcini salad but not one with a crispy topping. Nice!. There could have been a bit more balsamic reduction but the tomato was pretty juicy itself.

The Wild Seafood Pappardelle ($13) included mussels, clams, salmon and prawns in a spicy red sauce. The pasta was cooked well and the sauce spicy and quite good. The chunks of tomato added to the flavour. There was a decent amount of prawns plus two clams and two mussels but I do not think there was any salmon.

Jeff ordered French Toast ($10) off of the brunch menu. It was thick cut brioche with butter, whipped cream and blueberry compote on top. The edges were a bit overcooked but the middle was good. It was a large portion, too much to finish. The maple blueberry compote was very good.

While not Jeff’s ideal menu there are lost of other items I would like to try including the Pan Seared Queen Charlotte Halibut available in lunch and dinner portions and the great sounding sides – Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Crimini Mushroom Gratin and Lobster and Prawn Risotto.

Jeff & Tara Ciecko
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