Location, location, location
The name is strange and the whole place has its ‘quirks’ but the location of The Beaver and Mullet just off the corner of Davie and Denman streets across from the ‘A-mazing Laughter‘ statues is great.  There is even a water view from the window seats and small patio. The restaurant is open at 10am on weekends and 4pm on weekdays and focuses on local ingredients and local beer. It will now make a good brunch spot for us this summer after a ride on the seawall. 

The outside of the restaurant is nothing special to look at and with its plastic signage and small patio. The inside decor is also a bit strange with no real theme. The kitchen is very small with only ovens, no frying. I have no idea what the name is supposed to mean but after reading some good yelp reviews I saw a ‘Groupon’ type special and jumped on it.

The house specialties are a grilled cheese sandwich or macaroni and cheese, each with three fillings chosen from a long list. Most of the reviews that I read said that both were pretty good. I went with the Grilled Cheese Sandwich with cheddar, havarti and red peppers ($12) and a side of pita chips. Other side options included potato chips, soup, or mixed greens. I was curious how the sandwich would turn out in an oven, and the answer was very good. I was impressed with the multi-grain bread and the amount of cheese. The baked pita chips and accompanying dip were very good as well.

Jeff ordered the Mini-Frittata-ta-ta-tas (another quirk) off the brunch menu ($10). They also came with choice of three fillings plus a side of potatoes and choice of fruit or mixed greens. For filling he chose double smoked ham, cheddar and swiss. The frittatas and the potatoes were both good. For a restaurant advertising local ingredients the choice of mandarin orange segments as the seasonal fruit seemed a bit strange.

We were also joined by good friend and 30 Day Adventurer, Marc Smith. Marc ordered one of the Beaver’s Benny’s called ‘The Smoker’ with double smoked ham. Instead of the greens or fruit he opted for sliced tomatoes. The ham was sliced thin and had good flavour. We were all happy with our choices and will likely be back again soon.

Jeff & Tara Ciecko
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