Make Music Vancouver
On Thursday, June 21st we quit work early (shocker!) to check out a Music Festival in Gastown. The idea was a series of tents set up along Water Street from Seymour to Carrall and up one block of Carrall (about 5 blocks total) with different musicians performing at each tent between 5pm and 10pm. The idea we thought was great, the execution however was poor. The tents were so close together that the music from one (4 piece band) drowned out the other (soloist). The timing was so bad that all the tents were in use with music coming out of them all at the same time and then were all quiet at the same time for a band change. We did however, manage to get a seat on the patio at Six Acres. The sun was not out, but the weather was good and we had not been to Six Acres before.

Six Acres in Gastown
Six Acres is located on the Gastown corner where Water, Carrall and Alexander Streets all meet and it is within ear shot of a dozen other food and beverage establishments with Six Acres and Peckinpah (see previous blog) being the smallest, but in our opinion, the most interesting. They both have tiny patios with a great view of Maple Tree Plaza (and Gassy Jack’s behind) and have more interesting menus then Chill Winston (which also has a great patio). The building that houses both restaurants is the Alhambra building, the oldest brick building in Vancouver, which stands on the site of Gassy Jack’s Deighton Hotel.

Food & Drink Menus
Six Acres is open from 5pm to 1am Monday to Saturday – no brunch here.  The drink menu includes over 40 bottled beers and an ever changing feature beer list plus a list of interesting wines and lots of whiskeys. All of the food items are meant for sharing. As we had our first beer (Jeff a local Red Racer India Pale Ale and me a Leffe Abbey Blonde from Belgium) we listened to a mash up of three different bands performing and watched what everyone around us ordered to eat.

The Food at Six Acres
With salads, sliders, typical and not so typical share plates on the menu we saw that the most popular item was the House Fries – crispy fried kennebec potatoes drizzled with house-made ketchup & aioli. So we followed the trend and they were very good! The aioli was spicy and mixed well with the ketchup for an almost poutine like consistency over crispy fries. We then saw the Mac & Cheese – macaroni, gruyere, grana pandano, aged cheddar & sweet onion with a toasted breadcrumb crust and had to try it as well. Yes a very healthy dinner! We saw the Classic and Veggie Sliders and the Nicoise Salad on the table beside us and both looked good as well but with the fries and the mac we had already had enough and the overlapping music was getting to us too. The service was very good and we noted the wide variety of glasses in use with different types of beer. We assumed that they know what they are doing in the beer department. 

Another restaurant in Gastown that was a hit with us. We will be going back to try a few of the more interesting beers on the list and more of the food offerings. Perhaps we better re-visit the idea of moving from Coal Harbour to Gastown…

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