Bad Dining Experiences
From all of the food blogs that we write you would think that we have a great experience every time we go out, but this is not the case. We rarely write about the experiences that were not so great. We did write about two restaurants back in 2010 (read previous blog) that we did not enjoy and below is a quick recap of three more. We feel that it is important to tell the great stories but also the not so great ones because with so many food choices here in Vancouver – why waste your time? (Please remember that these are our opinions and we welcome comments to the contrary about any of our posts).

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria
With six locations in BC and more in Alberta we thought that they would know about pizza – and I love pizza – but I did not love this pizza. We tried the Famoso location on Commericial Drive, close to Marcello Pizzeria which we did like (see previous blog) and should have gone to again. The set-up at Famoso is strange to start with. You are seated at a table with a menu but you have to go up to the counter to place your order. Once you order, your food and beverages are brought to you. We both ordered pizza – actually a pizzetta and soup or salad which was the lunch combo. The salads were fine, nothing special, but good. it was the pizza that was disappointing. They import flour and tomatoes from Italy and have a 900 degree pizza oven but the pizza was not hot when served, the crust was too thick and there was too much oil added on top. Needless to say – not in my top 10.

Central Bistro
Central Bistro is located on Denman Street and is usually quite busy for breakfast. It is supposedly “where the locals eat”. We have had varying experiences here with our first being bad and our second one better (see previous blog) but this time it was a disaster so I think we are done trying. We waited 10 minutes to be acknowledged once we sat down which should have been the sign to leave…but we didn’t. We ordered and waited 30 minutes for very below average food. There was no comment or apology from the server and the Gruyere Baked eggs with baked beans which I ordered were horrific – the egg whites were still runny and the bacon was almost raw. Even when we asked for the bill with my plate almost un-touched there was no comment from the server. We went to Blenz for a Protein Shake on the way home.

Moonpennies Cafe
Moonpennies is located on W Pender Street 4 blocks from our apartment. We have walked by hundreds of times in 5 years and never tried it. Last Saturday we did. Given the ordering style in which you line up at a counter (with plastic numbers for the table for delivery), the small menu and the cafeteria-like decor we thought it would be a cheap but good breakfast. It was not cheap – $32 for two breakfasts and two cans of Coke. And it was not good – deep fried bacon, a very small portion of deep fried potatoes and thin toast served completely dry and cold. The eggs were OK but did not make up for the rest. No need to visit again.

Please let us and our other readers know if you have had better experiences at any of the above restaurants and we may consider trying them again.


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