Robson Street Dining
Two of the streets that we walk down very often (because of how close we live) are Denman Street and Robson Street. Both streets have so many small, hole-in-the-wall type dining establishments that even after five years we miss – or walk past and ignore – a few. Nero Belgian Waffle Bar on Robson Street between Bidwell and Denman is one such place. It is across the street from the Safeway at which we regularly shop but we did not see it until last week.

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar
The restaurant is tiny to say the least. It has a small counter for ordering and four tables. There is also a window to order from the outside for take out and two outside tables. But you do not need alot of space to create great waffles. The waffles are made in house and available in two varieties – Brussels (light, hard and crispy) or Liege (denser and chewier). The menu is broken down into sweet and savory options. 

Jeff chose a sweet option that was called “Fruit” ($7.50) on a Brussels waffle with a mixture of seasonal berries topped with vanilla ice cream. The berries of the day were blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. The melting ice cream mixed with the syrup for a sweet, but not too sweet breakfast treat. 

I chose a savory option called “Parisienne” ($10) with brie, walnuts and honey on a Brussels waffle. The flavours were great and I now have an idea for a brie, honey and walnut cheese plate at home. There was just the right amount of honey to sweeten up the brie but not too much. It was definitely savory and definitely yummy!

 The two small tables on the sidewalk are a bit crowded (you are basically in on your neighbors conversation) but sitting right on Robson Street makes it another good people watching spot on a nice sunny day.

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