Glowbal Group
A few weeks ago we met my Aunt and Uncle for lunch at Glowbal’s Italian Kitchen. We have been several times before but it has been a while. We have mixed feelings on some of Glowbal’s other properties – some we like, some we don’t but have had good experiences at Italian Kitchen and this was no exception. The restaurant is very loud (like all of the Glowbal Group establishments) so is a bit difficult to have a conversation if you are more than two people. For this reason we reserved a table upstairs which is slightly quieter. You don’t get the great view of the open kitchen and the cooks in action but for a group it is easier to talk without yelling. So it depends who you are with and what experience you are looking for.
Menu and Service
Italian Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. The menus are similar with Antipasto, Insalata, Pizze and Pasta with a larger selection of Carne and Pesce entrees available for dinner. The wine menu is extensive with many Italian options and a few from all other wine regions. The service has always been good and was good this time as well but we always feel that the server is not really engaged with us. This has also happened at some of the other restaurants in the group. The server does the job but doesn’t connect.
Now on to the really good part. We love the food! The Pasta Platter (available for a minimum of two guests) includes spaghetti and spicy kobe meatballs with truffle cream, braised veal cannelloni with wild mushroom cream, pappardelle with lamb sausage, cabbage and potatoes and rigatoni pomodoro. It is the perfect platter for Jeff and I. I avoid some of the meat with a small taste of everything and Jeff avoids some of the vegetables and it all works out. Being very finicky about the meat that I eat – I have the say the spicy kobe meatballs are terrific. For both of us the spaghetti with truffle cream is also a favorite. We have had this platter on three or four visits and have always enjoyed it. This time we ordered the platter for all four of us. A shared Caprese salad to start with heirloom tomatoes, basil and burrata plus two bottles of Chianti and we had a fabulous lunch and a great visit.
For Dessert
We left Italian Kitchen for a short walk and dessert at the Hawksworth bar & lounge in the newly renovated Georgia Hotel. Jeff had been to the lounge before in the evening and really enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed this time around by the dessert menu and the decor. We will have to go back for lunch or dinner to give the restaurant and full menu a try as we have had a few good reviews from friends.
Italian Kitchen is also offering a Dine Out Vancouver Festival menu. Dine out runs until February 5th.
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