DeDutch (The Pannekoeken)
Another edition of Dining in Vancouver… We have walked past the DeDutch on Robson Street probably more than 100 times in the almost 5 years that we have lived in Coal Harbour in Vancouver. We walked past and never really noticed it, or were not really interested in entering. Last week we had a crazy morning and it was already 2:00 when we were on our way to Safeway (empty fridge, no lunch) when we walk right past the DeDutch door, turned around and decided to go in.

Great Decor
The outside does not reflect the inside. The 1700 block of Robson Street consists of Starbucks, BCLC and Safeway on one side and about 20 tiny storefronts on the other side – the side of DeDutch. Many of the 20 are food services establishments and none are very appealing on the outside. But when we entered DeDutch we were impressed right away. The decor is white and orange with glossy, printed table tops, orange hanging lights and a windmill mural on the wall. The one server welcomed us right away and could easily handle the four booths and about 10 tables while keeping on top of everyone’s needs. The restaurant is only open from 8am to 3pm (this location) and was still fairly busy at 2:00 with what looked like mostly locals, not tourists. (Lots of locals must mean the food is good).

Wrong Impressions
It is probably a good thing that we did not discover the decadent and tasty DeDutch menu before this. There are so many interesting choices on the menu – that are in no way waistline friendly – that at least we were not tempted until now. But that is all out the window! Check out the menu here. There are literally 100 menu items broken down into the sections of pannekoeken, breakfast and lunch. The pannekoeken is a 12″ diameter, thin pancake served a multitude of ways. Jeff ordered “The Canadian” Pannekoeken with ‘extra crispy’ DeBakon (back bacon), scrambled eggs and maple syrup, hold the tomato. I chose a lunch item – the Blueberry, Camemiized Onion and Brie Tostie served with Kettle Chips and Dip. The sandwich was oooey, gooey goodness with the right amount of cheese and deliciously sticky onion. The dip for the kettle chips reminded me of being a kid and thinking I was a chef when I could mix sour cream with onion soup mix to make chip dip. But this time I think it even tasted better.

We were both very impressed with the food and the service. The one server and one cook did a great job managing the small space. The food came out quick and hot and our server was smiling and happy the whole time. The prices are a bit higher than other breakfast joints is the few surrounding blocks (no $4.99 breakfast here), but it is worth it. We have to go back to try more items!

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