Comfort Food Bistros
Burgoo is food for comfort. And they do it very well! There are four Vancouver locations to choose from that are open seven days a week at 11am so you should get to one soon. It has been two years since our last visit to Burgoo and I have no idea why we waited so long. The food is delicious. The service is good. The prices are reasonable. The decor and the food are comfortable, casual and feel like home.

Seasonal Menu
The menu changes with the seasons which is a good thing. So do not be disappointed if you cannot get the exact same items that we did. Our server told us that the summer menu was coming out the very next day.  The Burgoo menu is centered around the soups of which there are 8 or 9 choices, sandwiches and bistro classics. There are so many items that you will want to try that you will have to go more than once. The menu lists the country of origin behind each dish which makes for an interesting read. Burgoo also includes a nutrition information guide on their website but don’t read it. Just enjoy! 

 The Stout & Cheddar Fondue ($15 – Germany) was made with Guinness and a strong flavored white cheddar. It was so good that we did not leave even one scoop of cheese in the bottom of the bowl. It was served with crusty bread and sliced pears which went especially well with the strong cheese. We asked for a few grapes on top as well. Delicious!

 The Sunset Corn & Chicken Soup ($8 – New Mexico) was dressed with a creme fresca swirl and fresh cilantro. There were good sized chunks of chicken and lots of corn. The flavor of the soup was great, slightly spicy from the chipotle seasoning but not over powering. Yum!

 The Crab Bisque ($8.50 – France) was topped with fresh parsley and tarragon. The flavor was a bit too much red pepper and not enough crab taste for me even though there was a decent portion of crab pieces in the soup. But it was still good. Both soups were served piping hot.

 The Burgoo Biscuits ($5 for four) are served warm with soft butter. The cheddar and parsley flavor is a great accompaniment to any of the soups. Of course, if you have a fondue first you do not need the biscuits, which we ended up taking home.

This Burgoo location (W 10th in Point Grey) is close to one of our clients that we visit at least monthly. It will not be 2 years before our next visit. I actually already have one planned at the end of the month. I am dreaming about the Macaroni & More (aged white Cheddar, onion, thyme, bacon and peas) or the Gooey Cheese Grillers and Straight Up Tomato Soup.

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