The Boathouse English Bay
My mom was in town for the holidays and we wanted to take her for brunch some where with a view. We decided on The Boathouse in English Bay and were joined by my Aunt and Uncle for a nice brunch. (In hind site, seeing a lack of line-up at the new Cactus Club across the street, we could have had an even better view). But we did have a table by the window at The Boathouse and could see mostly above and around the new Cactus Club building.

Weekend Brunch or Lunch
On weekends The Boathouse offers both a brunch menu and their regular lunch menu. Between the five of us we chose a few items from each menu. Our server was attentive and fairly quick which he should have been because at first we were the only table in the restaurant. The food was all pretty good with the Ahi Tuna Tacos being a standout.

The Westcoast Seafood Chowder ($5.99 for a cup) had a decent amount of fresh fish and shellfish and a good flavour but was not the best chowder around town.

The Ahi Tuna Tacos ($12.99) were a big hit! Both my mom and my aunt really enjoyed them. The tuna was melt in your mouth tender and fresh. The wonton shells were crispy and topped with wasabi aioli and mango salsa.

I went for it and ordered the Lobster Grilled Cheese Benny ($17.99) and as expected it was very rich. The grilled cheese was filled with chunks of lobster and topped with two poached eggs, hollandaise and basil oil. The sandwich was yummy and the lobster tender, not chewy. My eggs were over cooked – I still have a hard time getting a perfect medium egg anywhere. 

Jeff ordered the Crab Cakes ($12.99). The portion was a bit on the small side but they had a good portion of crab (not filler) and decent flavor. They were served with lemon aioli sauce for dipping and topped with mango salsa.

My uncle ordered The Boathouse Benny ($16.99) which included shrimp an crab. The presentation was a bit weak but the flavors were good. I forgot to ask how his eggs were cooked.

The overall experience was pretty good, just not great. We do like The Boathouse and have been to most of the locations but now with the Cactus Club in English Bay right in front and on the water our summer loyalties may be to it. 

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