Tap & Barrel Brew Pub
Most of you who read this blog somewhat regularly know that I (Jeff) frequent Tap & Barrel. Whether it is the Vancouver Convention Centre, Olympic Village or Shipyards in North Vancouver the staff at all locations know me. Is this a good thing?

Craft Beer on Tap 
Tap & Barrel features many craft beers on tap, something like 32 plus at each location. When we are in Vancouver I make the most of trying to visit one of the locations, particularly on the weekend for Tap breakfast with Valentino sauce for my Tater Tots (umm good). 

Craft Beer Selection
When I visit Tap & Barrel the bartenders are awesome, not sure if it is because they regularly see me when I am in Vancouver, I think not, because generally they do the same thing with every customer. After a friendly hello and quick catch-up the conversation turns to beer. My usual question is what’s new? Once I get the update and a small sample of one or two craft beers I usually pick one of the newbies. They always offer a good variety and are usually pretty good at suggesting something I may like based on my preferences. And as you can’t (shouldn’t) have the same craft beer twice I try to mix it up before defaulting to one of my regular choices.

Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Ale
Yellow Dog Brewery came to fruition about 3 years ago in Port Moody, BC. They have a tasting room located right in their brewery and while we haven’t been, if we ever find ourselves in Port Moody 😉 we’ll be sure to drop in. After my first beer at Tap & Barrel I usually default to the Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Ale. Talking to the bartender I was told it is one of their most purchased beers and has been one of the few not changed out (they regular rotate the taps among BC beers). Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Ale has a little bit of hops, it takes a bit like an amber beer in flavour and has a smooth finish. It’s my default when in doubt. If you get a chance before me, visit the brewery and tell me about it, or drop by and have a pint at Tap & Barrel. If the Seahawks are playing I’m likely at one of the Tap locations 🙂

What’s your default Craft Beer? Leave us a comment below so we can try it!

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