Spike’s Sports Grille
The Seahawks were playing Monday Night Football and we needed a place to go, but in Crossville,Tennessee on a Monday night  that can be hard to come by. Luckily we were able to find Spike’s Sports Grille & Stadium Patio a short drive from the resort we were staying at. Spike’s is a newly refurbished pub with a good menu but a great craft beer selection.

Green Man Brewery
One of the brews we had (yes we had more than one) was from the Green Man Brewery located in Asheville, North Carolina. It was their ESB (Extra Special Bitter). One of the things that is interesting about Green Man is their interest in the environment and all of things they do to try and be ‘green’. This includes: 

  • High efficiency heat exchange unit to heat water for brewing process and cleaning
  • Using only recyclable packaging produced with recycled material content
  • Reusing and recycling pallets
  • Not heating or cooling the brewery
  • Supporting local environmentally-oriented non-profits 

Those are only a few of things listed on their website. The full list can be viewed here.

Green Man ESB
The Green Man Extra Special Bitter is an Amber Ale, slightly dark in colour, as you would expect, than an Amber beer. The taste is a bit like a stout beer with some usual British beer flavours. It is a full bodied beer with a smooth finish. Like all ESB beers in our opinion it tastes its best in the beginning when it is ice cold and is less appealing at the finish when it warms up and more of the ‘stout’ like taste emerges. But Stout lovers would probably like to drink it on the warmer side. Overall this was a good one (we had two so it must be). We’d give it a 7 out 10 and would have it again. Who knows maybe one day our travels will bring us to Asheville, North Carolina and we’ll visit the brewery!

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