Staying Home
Everyone has to admit, if you are being honest, staying in is getting boring. Since we drove back from Las Vegas, we quarantined for three weeks in Winnipeg, drove halfway across Canada (with our only contact to pick up our hotel keys), arrived in Osoyoos for another week of isolation and we are now in Kelowna for the next six weeks where we will again be self isolating. As people who generally work from home you would think we would be getting ahead of things but with golf course rules and regulations changing almost daily we are constantly updating all communication platforms for all the golf courses we work with.

Craft Beer Tasting
Normally we write our 19th hole blog about Wine Tasting at Home, but today, for something different, we (Jeff) are posting a blog about Beer Tasting at Home. As a general rule my preference in beer is for an IPA (although I enjoy Pale Ales, Amber Ales and Red Ales too). Over our time and travels I’ve tried a bunch of different IPA’s in different States and Provinces during our location independence (four years and counting now). I have to say, the Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA is at the top of my list.

Yellow Dog Brewing
Yellow Dog is a local B.C. craft brewery located in Port Moody, B.C. I’ve been a fan of Yellow Dog in the past as the Chase My Tail Pale Ale is on tap at one of my regular spots in Vancouver, Tap & Barrel. I had not yet had the Play Dead IPA and found it at a boutique beer and wine store in Osoyoos. It’s not a cheap beer, four 20 ounce tall cans will run you just over $14. Yellow Dog has a tasting room on site with usually six different beers available (I haven’t been, but it is on the bucket list now). The Play Dead IPA is a hop forward craft beer but has a nice clean finish. It’s an easy beer to drink. If you are a craft beer or IPA lover, give this one a try.

What’s in your glass?

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