What is Craft Beer?
Craft beer is a brewery that produces a limited number of cases each year. While we could not find an exact limit to the number of cases a Craft Brewery can produce and still be called ‘Craft’ we like the term so plan to keeping using it. For us, the craft beers we are most interested in are also relatively local (BC, Alberta, Washington, Oregon), sometimes family owned or with a great story, sustainable and rooted in their communities. We also like good brew pub food. We have recently started trying to visit a few breweries and/or brew pubs on all of our travels (and still find time to fit in the wineries) so what for more beer blogs to come.

Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen
On a recent shopping visit to Bellingham we chose a route that included a brewery stop for lunch. Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen is located just off the Belligham Pier and is open at 11:30am daily. The menu focuses on local and seasonal products. The food was good. The service was a bit slow but the place was packed full.

There are always 6 beers available with options for tasting four or all six. There are also always craft beers in production that are not yet ready for tasting and other favorites that have run out and are awaiting their next brew cycle. And of course, the off-sales that we Canadians love so much.

Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen, Bellingham, Washington
Chuckanut Yellow Card Golden Ale
My favorite was the Yellow Card Golden Ale – golden in color, crisp, a bit sweet and slightly bitter (IBU 35). Just the way I like. The beer won several awards in 2013. Our server said that it would be great with a salmon burger and I agreed.

Chuckanut British IPA
Jeff’s favorite was the British IPA – amber color, dry and hoppy. With 5.8% alcohol and a combination of hops the bitterness was balanced with a malty flavor.

We bought a bottle (1/2 litre) of each beer  at the great U.S. price of $4 to take back to our room. (We could not bring any home as our limit was reserved for 4 bottles of Erath Pinot Noir which we found at the bargain price of $12.99 at Costco).




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