NHL Playoff Second Round Re-cap
I managed to catch most or a least parts of most of the 2nd round games in the 2017 NHL Playoffs. I thought overall that all the series’ were entertaining and exciting. There were some really good stories like Nashville advancing, Ovi not leading the Caps (again) and of course the run of the Edmonton Oilers.

With my second round picks I managed to go 4 for 4.  Dammit… I wish I had picked the conference finalists when we were in Las Vegas two months ago!

NHL Playoff Conference Finals

Western Conference

Nashville Predators v. Anaheim Ducks

I really like watching the Preds play. There game is up-tempo and exciting. But it is hard to go against the experience and grit of the Ducks. I really feel like the Ducks are built for the playoffs with their style of play. Goaltending is a bit of question for me on both sides but I give the Ducks the advantage on offence and the Preds the advantage on D. Tough one to call. I’m looking forward to this series most of the two conference finals.

Prediction: Anaheim Ducks in 6

Eastern Conference

Ottawa Senators v. Pittsburgh Penguins

Personally I think this one is more evenly matched than many people might think. Sure the Penguins have Sid the Kid and are a proven champion but the Sens have arguably the best player in the playoffs right now in Erik Karlsson. Both goaltenders are playing for something and like the other series I’d give this area a draw. The Sens are clearly the better defensive team while the Penguins are definitely better on offence.

Prediction: Ottawa Senators in 6

I’m looking forward to watching the games!


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