Finally made it to Club Intrawest in Zihuatanejo yesterday. When we originally bought our time share 4 years ago, we did so for the express reason of moving from a “Mexican” 5 star (the equilivant of a Canadian 3 star) to a more liuxiourious Mexican vacation spot. We have found it.

Club Zi is amazing! We have a one bedroom lookout suite on the top floor facing directly at the ocean. The view is amazing. Our patio is as big as the actual room which includes doors that open the full length of the room to make the patio/room into one giant room. We have a cool pool (sort of a room temperature jaquzzi) on the deck with an outdoor rain shower (no, no one can you see you).

There are a few bugs around, which is to be expected up on the Zihuatanejo hillside, but the 3″ long lizard that ran over Tara’s foot earlier is a good thing as they are expected to eat the bugs…who knows, but her “shreek” was good for a chukle between us when she saw the first one.

Dinner last night in Club Zi was fabulous and while the wine list was not extensive it was probably the best we’ve seen in Mexico in our 6 pervious trips down here. The scallops were bigger than golf balls, and the rib eye was an actual steak, not from the usual Mexican skinny cow. Dinner was of course topped off by a nice bowl of Kahlua ice cream for dessert.

Heading into town tomorrow for “supplies” (you all know what that means) then R&R by the pool and on the patio the rest of the day. We may or may not throw in a walk on the beach, but are ending the night at “Splash” and adult only dinner/party down by the pool starting at 6:00 PM.

Hola, Jeff & Tara