Summerhill Winery
A month or so ago we had an opportunity to stay with friend in Kelowna who had graciously agreed to lead us on a tour to a couple of wineries near his home. Our first stop was at Summerhill winery. It is impressive from the drive up to the stunning views of Lake Okanagan.

Summerhill Pinot Noir
On this night we decided to BBQ some salmon, baby potatoes and corn on the cob and felt a light red wine would go well with dinner. We choose the Summerhill Pyramid Winery Pinot Noir. This wine is a VQA approved wine produced in the Okanagan Valley! It is aged two years in French Barrels before being released. We both found it to be very smooth with a mixture of fruit and a slightly spicy after taste. Overall we rated it in the top 30% of wines tasted in Jeff’s wine tasting app for the iPhone.

More Information
For more information on Summerhill Pyramid Wines you can visit their website here. As always you can view all of our wine tasting at home blog post here.